Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 23 - If I Won the Lottery

Ooooohh - how much money are we talking about? ;D 

- First of all, I'd pay off any sort of debt either Mike or I have. I'd also like to give back to those who have financially helped us in the past few years.

- I'd get everything Mike and I need to have our dream wedding. I'd also pay to fly my parents my stepmother, my maid of honor and my out of town bridesmaids here to attend the wedding.

- I would love to be able to build a house with Mike. One with a finished basement and a room separate for Mike to have a recording studio and keep all of his band equipment. Preferably a house with 5 bedrooms, one of which being a master - I would love it to have a bathroom with a double sink. I'd also love to have a den or a front room with french doors, where I can paint shoes and scrapbook; sort of a woman cave. :) I'd like a two car garage, but have a shed in the fenced-in back yard, big enough to keep a car for Mike to work on.

- I'd get a minivan - since Mike and I would like to have a big family, it would be a great investment! 

- I'd put money away for Vincent and our future children's education. 

- I would give Mike the money he needs to put into a car project - he loves doing them and I know it would be a hobby he'd really enjoy. I am sure that our son (maybe other children in the future!) would LOVE to help dad work on the car too, which is another plus! :)  
I'd donate a percentage to Cure Search. This non-profit foundation is all about finding a cure for childhood cancer. I've gotten to know so many children and families in the past few years who are dealing with this horrible monster and have seen too many children taken too soon. I want to contribute to finding a cure.

- I'd use the rest of the money to help out and support any family members in crisis. Anything left over for that, I would put into savings for our family. 
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