Wednesday, November 6, 2013

23 Weeks Pregnant

How far along? 23 Weeks - Vincent is the size of a large mango!
Total weight gain/measurements: Gained a pound this week! I've now gained 9 (of the 13 I lost) back :)
Maternity clothes: I'm finding that some of the only tops that really fit me comfortably are my maternity tops. I tried on a couple of shirts this weekend and they just did not fit anymore! It's exciting to be getting bigger :)
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Sleep is okay - I've been feeling some extreme fatigue this week, a lot like it was in the first trimester! I think it's partially because I just don't sleep very well at night, since this is when Vince is the most active! He kicks my bladder a lot at night too, which causes me to be getting up and down ridiculously often at night to use the toilet. Mike says my bladder is our son's water bed hehe
Best moment this week: Mike finally saw Vince kick from the outside :D It has been so frustrating, because the little guy will nearly always stop as soon as I tell Mike to look! 
Miss anything?: My cat Tombstone laying on my belly. That is his snuggle spot - but having a 15 pound cat on your pregnant belly is beyond uncomfortable! I've been having to kick him off, because I just can't do it anymore. Poor friend! :(
Movement: Vince has become a TOTAL acrobat. Every week, those kicks just keep getting stronger and stronger! I love feeling him move so much - just knowing he is there comforts me in a way I can't describe. It really gives me peace! One thing I was a bit surprised to hear at my appointment is that I have an anterior placenta, meaning it's on the front. A lot of women don't feel their babies until much later with an anterior placenta, with it being in the way. So the fact that I've been feeling flutters since about 14 weeks and more serious kicks since 18 weeks makes me really happy! 
Food cravings: Nothing in particular.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Coughing and smells. My midwife said at Thursday's appointment last week, that since I still have morning sickness, there is a good chance it will stick around until the end. :/ I am bummed out, but it is so much better than it was, so I am grateful for that! And I am grateful for my zofran tablets. Thankfully they still help!
Gender: boy!
Labor signs: Nope
Symptoms: Tailbone pain, fatigue and nausea
Belly button in or out? In for now
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! I just tend to get a little moody when I'm sleepy.
Looking forward to: The holidays :) I love when we begin to get into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season - music, candles, fireplaces....swoon :3

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  1. You are seriously the most adorable prego. I love these week-by-week series. I didn't have the stomach to do it. Like you, I had horrible morning sickness and I was literally a blubbering mess for the first trimester. But I'm so glad that you're doing it. It will be such a lovely thing to look back on. <3

    1. Aww thank you so much :D Even though it's been rough, I know it will be completely worth it in the end and I will be glad I took the time to do it!


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