Sunday, June 12, 2016

Samantha's 3 Month Update!

Height/Weight: At her late 2 month appointment on Tuesday, Samantha was 13lbs 6oz (98%), 22 inches long (37%) with a head circumference of 40cm (80%)! I never would've thought that our tiny 6lb 8oz baby, who had to stay in the hospital longer for being underweight, would be busting out of 3M clothing at 3 months old! I am so happy she is happy, healthy and thriving!

Daily: Our routine remains the same. Samantha and I are almost always up first, between 8 and 9 AM. I feed and dress her, then put her in the swing while I make coffee and Vincent's breakfast. She loves looking at the little bees on her mobile and cooing at them! Once Vincent is done with breakfast, Samantha spends the morning doing tummy time, hanging out in the bouncer, her new floor seat and nursing. She does fantastic laying on the mat and looking at her toys! She has really taken a liking to them and will lay there for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes before she gets bored and we change her scenery. She still loves to interact with Vincent and watch him play. When he is throwing a tantrum, she kind of cocks her eyebrow like "Dude. What's your problem." xD 
I still haven't gotten her on a schedule, but it really doesn't seem to be necessary at this point, because she's fallen into one on her own. So I just go by what works best for her that day. We are always home between noon and about 4 PM anyway, because of lunch and Vincent's nap time, when she takes her longest nap. She takes a cat nap in the morning and usually takes a cat nap in the evening as well. Vincent goes to bed at 8 and I spend the next hour or two after that putting her in her pajamas, feeding her and snuggling on the couch until she falls asleep (generally around 9PM), then I transfer her into the pack n play. We will be taking the crib out of storage this month, since she has grown out of the napper in the pack n play, which was the main reason that we had it set up instead of the crib. She isn't getting nearly as fussy and gassy in the evenings and she seems to be growing out of the witching hour somewhat. Some nights she is a bit colicky and is very difficult to get to go to sleep and other nights, she goes down really easily.

Sleep: Oh my goodness. This girl can sleep at night!! She has slept through the night, from around 10 PM to 6 AM THREE times in the past couple of weeks!! The most recent time, she slept from 9 PM until almost 7 AM. She seems to sleep the best at night when she has had a couple of good naps during the day. It's definitely not consistent yet, but she sleeps so much better than her brother did during the night at this point! She does still have some bad nights and want to eat every two hours, but they're very seldom. Her norm seems to be waking up once or twice in the middle of the night to eat. If it's after 2 AM, I have started bringing her into the bed with me to nurse, then keep her there with me until we get up. She likes the closeness and it's much easier for me to not have to get up if she needs to eat again. And being able to sleep with my hand on her tummy gives me peace of mind as well! 

Eating: For the past several weeks, I've stopped tracking her feedings and just feeding on demand. She is doing so well with her weight, that I haven't really worried about it as much. She gives me hunger cues when she is ready to eat and I don't bother looking at the clock, but she still eats every 2-3 hours during the day. I've given her 5oz bottles of pumped milk here and there, because I like to replace older pumped milk with freshly pumped milk every so often, so that it won't expire before it's been used. I've got about 325 oz in the freezer, in case of an emergency. It makes me feel better to know that there's some there as a back-up just in case, especially after having to have an emergency D&C twice with each baby.
Samantha's latch gets better and better every month! She hardly makes the clicking sound at all anymore when she nurses and she seems much less gassy, or at least much less irritated by it. She spits up about the same as she did last month, but I'm not too concerned, as she is gaining proper weight and doesn't seem bothered by it.

Sizes: Samantha is in 3 month, 3-6 month and some 6 month clothing! She has completely grown out of all of her 3 month sleepers. :( She has gotten SO huge - it amazes me. She is wearing some onesies that Vincent didn't wear until around 5 months old! (To be fair though; they're older and have shrunk a little bit in the wash ;D)
She is in size 2 diapers, since we used all of her size 1s up and they were getting a bit tight around the waist!

Milestones and Changes:
  • First giggle!
  • First roll over from tummy to back:

  • Slept through the night for the first time!! 

  • Got a new chair! She loves sitting up, so this chair has been really awesome for her. She likes to play with the toys that are hooked onto the front as well.

  • First favorite toy/lovie! This was Vincent's and Samantha claimed it for her own! She LOVES him and will snuggle him so tightly and rub him up against her face! She just will not take a binky, so this is her comfort object. She also loves snuggling with burp cloths (cloth diapers)!

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