Friday, September 27, 2013

17 Weeks Pregnant

How far along? 17 Weeks :)
Total weight gain/measurements: I gained one more pound according to today's weight! I now weigh 145. So all together, I lost 13 and have regained 5 pounds back :)
Maternity clothes: Nothing new at the moment
Stretch marks? Nope!
Sleep: I was able to fix my sleep schedule! Yay! However I do wake up every night for around an hour or so, because I need to get a little something in my stomach. I'll usually eat a yogurt, sit on the couch and read to let it settle, then go back to bed. 
Best moment this week: I swear, I felt the baby actually kick yesterday. Either it was a kick, or I was having a random twitch about an inch under my belly button, just a little bit to the right. I felt it exactly four times in a row and nothing since then! Even if it was a twitch, it was really exciting! Mike put his ear up to my belly, right around where I felt the kick and he felt little nudges against his ear and could hear the movement! I wish I had a stethoscope so I could hear too!
Miss anything? I miss feeling physically well! Between the morning sickness and other nasty symptoms, I can't wait until I start to feel better!
Food cravings: This past week I really had strong cravings for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is strange, because so far I haven't had any sweet cravings at all! Also chicken broth, since I've come down with a cold. I really like the hot drink and the flavor! I have a cup steaming on my bedside table right now. :)
Anything making you queasy or sick? Still bad smells, but it is all pregnancy related. I must just be really sensitive or something because my morning sickness is still not gone. If I cough really hard, it makes me gag and often times I will vomit. (Bless my friend Elena's heart; this happened yesterday while we were on Skype and she waited for me to come back from the bathroom!) So it's really just very pregnancy related and nothing besides that is causing me to get sick.  
Gender: Unknown 
Labor signs: Nope!
Symptoms: Besides the morning sickness, not many symptoms! I've been getting a bit headachy, but I know that has to do with the cold I caught from Mike a few days ago. I barely had any leg cramps this week, which is nice! Hoping things are beginning to look up symptom-wise!
Belly button in or out? Still in
Happy or moody most of the time: Optimistic and happy with the occasional meltdown! But those are allowed, right??
Looking forward to: Kicking this cold! Just one more week and one day till my next appointment :D squeee!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why I Chose A Midwife

I know I touched onto this a little bit in my second blog entry, but I wanted to go a bit further into detail. And again, as I often do and will in future posts, I'll start out by saying that this is just my opinion and what works for me, so I don't want anyone reading to feel like I look down on anyone who decided to go with an obstetrician-gynecologist. I believe it should be everyone's personal decision. 

Since my mother chose a midwife for my birth, I knew a bit about them by asking questions, but I wasn't terribly well informed. To me, a midwife was a woman who came to your house when you were in labor to help deliver the baby naturally. Little did I know, that is just a small fraction of what a midwife does. Since my mother ended up having complications and needing to go to the hospital, I decided right off the bat that I did not want to have a midwife. I wanted to be in a hospital, where everything was monitored and if there were any complications, I would be right there and it could be taken care of immediately. I told Mike that I had my mind set, which he was okay with, but he had watched a documentary that he wanted me to see before making my final decision. It was "The Business of Being Born". I had no idea what kind of an affect that documentary would have on my decision. After sitting down and watching it, I found that everything I wanted for my birth would still be possible with a midwife, who would even encourage me wanting to have a natural birth.

Midwives really seem to push for natural births. If you think about it, women have been having babies for AGES. Back then, there was no pitocin or fetal monitoring; our bodies just instinctively knew what to do. I've never been physically present at an animal birth, but Mike has. It blew his mind that Chloe (our "Mama" cat) knew exactly what to do when she went into labor. So why would I need so much interference when my body already knows what to do? Now that being said, the survival rate of a newborn has gone up considerably, since there are often complications that need medical interference. Sometimes there is the need for induction drugs such as pitocin or surgery and there is not much you can do to avoid it. I understand this and I know if my life or the baby's life were in jeopardy, I would get a C-Section without hesitation. But I can still try to go as naturally as possible.

After making the decision to see a midwife, it was underlined in big red permanent marker even stronger that I had made the right decision. The midwifery, OB office and hospital are all literally on the same street. When we drove to the midwifery to make my first appointment, we ended up in the OB parking lot by accident. Not thinking, I walked in and was surprised to find it looked and felt very...medical. It just screamed doctor's office. It actually made me feel a bit uncomfortable. It may sound very hippie, but the place just gave off a vibe I didn't like. So I walked up to the front desk to make an appointment and was asked about a billion questions, including my name (twice). -.- They said they wouldn't be able to see me for about 60 days, meaning at my first appointment, I would have been about 14 weeks along. Usually you go in for the first appointment at 6-8 weeks. Crap. Well, whatever we need to do, I guess. Finally, she asked me if I had a preference about which OB I would like to see. I said that I would actually prefer a midwife...."Oh they are down the street.", she snipped. I felt like saying I was interested in a Chevy at a Ford dealership. >.< I was so embarrassed and felt like an idiot, but had no issue walking straight out and never looking back. I did not need to be treated like a chart.

When I arrived at the midwifery, it was like night and day. The walls were COVERED in photos of families with their newborns, everything was brighter and the lady at the reception was so friendly! She addressed me by name after she had asked for it (once) and told me they could see me at 8 weeks. :) They also already had all of my information on file, since I had gone to Urgent Care a while back, so that saved us a bit of time! I was treated like family from the moment I walked in and it made me feel very secure and cared for. I am sure if I had met an OB, I would have felt secure as well, but the midwifery seemed to meet my particular needs better.

The midwifery has three midwives, all of which could possibly be on call during my birth, so I will know the midwife who will help me deliver my baby no matter what. I have met all three of them and like them all for different reasons. I really appreciate how they boost a woman's confidence in the strength of her own body and don't panic if something seems a little off. I admit I can be an overemotional drama queen at times and having someone who goes at things in a calm and relaxed manner around me is beyond helpful. I also like that I can ask questions without them getting super technical about it and get thorough and detailed answers. All three of these women seem passionate about what they do and they've helped me become confident in my body and capability as an expecting mother. They have always been very upbeat and friendly at my appointments and have taken time to get to know me. I feel comfortable around them and they've even given me hugs. :) I just love the whole vibe and feel of the midwifery and I don't doubt my decision one bit. I also must add that I like how they involve Mike at the appointments and allow him to ask questions just like I do. Even though he isn't carrying our bean, he plays one of two important roles in this pregnancy and they really recognize that! 

For those of you who have never had experience with a midwife, the check-ups are just like they would be with an OB, just a bit less technical. They use the same equipment as they do at the doctor's office, even though they aren't technically doctors. I've had my pelvic exam, pap...all that good stuff. Every visit I pee in a cup, my weight and blood pressure are measured and we listen to the heartbeat using the doppler device. Now since the midwives aren't as technical, I never found out what my hCG levels were and I had to specifically ask if they'd break out their ancient WALL-E looking ultrasound machine for me to see baby at 10 weeks. I admit I would prefer to have had a dating scan by now, know by measurement how far along I am etc., but it really isn't necessary. I will have my dating scan and gender ultrasound within the next month at NM Sonographics, with an ultrasound technician. I will get a 4D ultrasound too with pictures and everything, so I will have that same awesome experience, just a little later on. Doing this later also makes it easier to detect gender, since the baby is bigger and sometimes in a better position to see his or her "parts". I have the option to do a screening test, which usually happens around this time, but I decided against it. So you really get the same experience and information, just with less ultrasounds and numbers.  

So in the end, I decided to give birth in a hospital with a midwife. If something goes wrong and a doctor needs to interfere, we are right there and can do that immediately. But I have the midwife there to help me stick to my birth plan, which is to go as naturally as possible. I've told all my midwives and Mike that I'd like to try and go without pain medication if I can and knowing I'll have "cheerleaders" there to help me do so is a great feeling. Knowing also that they won't force me to go without pain medication if I can't manage without is a nice feeling also! Hehe :) I like that my midwife will help me through my delivery not only physically, but emotionally as well which is exactly what I need and I know that's what Mike prefers as well.

I'd encourage any expecting mother, no matter if this is your first or 10th pregnancy, to watch "The Business of Being Born". I know for sure that it is on Netflix, which is where Mike and I watched it. Even if you are already seeing an OB and plan to stick with that, it's always great to inform yourself about all the possibilities. I know if I hadn't, I just would have had my first appointment two weeks ago and everything would be much different! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

16 Weeks Pregnant

How far along? 16 weeks today!
Total weight gain/measurements: I have now for sure gained a pound! I haven't gone back down to my previous weight - hoping I can keep gaining! :)
Maternity clothes: Haven't gotten anything new - I am still able to make my stretchy pants work well for now.
Stretch marks? Nope!
Sleep: Sleep has gotten a little bit better. I am currently working on fixing my internal clock so that I am not up all night! Hope it will work! 
Best moment this week: Going to the post office today to deliver a pair of shoes that I FINALLY got painted! The morning sickness kept me from my art table and it was wonderful to get back at it and cross one more thing off my to do list! :)
Miss anything? I sort of miss smoking. Not cigarettes - I don't miss the taste, the smell...yuck! Just the feeling of taking a drag off a cigarette. It's a bit strange. But I am so glad I have stopped. At this point I really don't know what made smoking so appealing to me!
Food cravings: I've honestly been craving a bowl of loaded bacon and potato soup from IHOP for over a month now and the craving will not stop coming back. I feel like if I don't fulfill it, it will never go away! lol
Anything making you queasy or sick? Still smells! Today I sat with all my scented candles burning and it really made the house smell nice! I will try and do it more often and I think it will help. I've noticed also that if I go more than three hours without eating a little something, I start to feel really bad. Then I get nauseated to the point that I don't feel like I can's a vicious cycle. 
Gender: Unknown 
Labor signs: Nope!
Symptoms: As you can see on my cheek, bad acne this week! Haha xD I forgot to clone them out before I posted the picture! Oh well! Also still morning sickness, stuffy nose and a new one...leg cramps. They have been especially bad at night, so I try to stretch the best I can before bed to minimize the pain. 
Belly button in or out? Still in
Happy or moody most of the time: I've found myself fairly happy in the last week - I find that if I'm not feeling well and I allow myself a five minute sobbing meltdown that it helps me feel better!
Looking forward to: Still October!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

15 Weeks Pregnant

Aaaah! We FINALLY have our internet back and I am so stoked to update my blog! :) Don't mind my exhausted face haha!

How far along? 15 Weeks and 4 days :)
Total weight gain/measurements: I actually made it up one pound yesterday! Aaaaand after dinner today I weighed again and it was back down :/ But my midwife isn't concerned, so I'm not too worried. She said as long as I am eating, everything is fine.
Maternity clothes: One of my favorite pairs of shorts has just gotten very tight. :( So I am switching to stretchier pants. I've been liking to wear my work out capris, since they are super stretchy! And they are black, so they go with all of my tops. They almost look like cut off leggings.
Stretch marks? Nope!
Sleep: It has been easier to get rest, but my sleep schedule is still pretty messed up. When I am hurting at night or feeling sick, it's really difficult to sleep, even when I'm tired. And I really want to avoid taking Benadryl unless I really need to.
Best moment this week: Hearing baby's heartbeat on the doppler and the little "kick" we heard!
Miss anything? Coffee. I know I could still drink it here and there, but I my stomach will not tolerate it, at least at the moment. It's not even really the taste as much as the whole "zen" of drinking that morning cup of coffee. I've had tea a few times, but it's not quite the same.
Movement: I swear there is popcorn popping in my uterus. Haha :D
Food cravings: Hmm...I am still quite fond of cheesy bacon macaroni noodles. They are definitely not the most healthy thing, but half the time, it's all I can stomach! I've also been craving burritos lately; bean more so than beef.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Doing the dishes!! I need to figure out how to clean out our drain. Our washing machine also didn't drain the water during one of the cycles and it made the washer smell really bad. When I opened up the closet, I lost my breakfast because the smell was so revolting. It was so bad that it made the vinegar I had to use (yuck) to get rid of the smell not smell so horrible!. So really still just my damn nose. :/ 
Gender: Unknown 
Labor signs: Nope!
Symptoms: I was doing GREAT with the nausea for a few days, and seriously thought it was the end. Nope. I've gotten sick three times this week and as I've mentioned before, it takes a LOT for me to throw up. So the morning sickness is still very strong. I am happy to announce that my allergies have been loads better though!
Belly button in or out? In...for now!
Happy or moody most of the time: I've felt very drained and tired lately, so it's very easy for me to lose my patience, especially with the dogs, as hard as I try to keep calm! lol Other than that fairly happy. :)
Looking forward to: OCTOBER! I have my next appointment at the beginning of October and at the end, we will find out the sex of the baby! :D Squeee!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Little Popcorn Ball!

I had my third appointment with the midwives today! At first the nurse came in to take my blood pressure. She read off the chart and mumbled: "And it's too early to feel movement..." so I said: "Well, I've been feeling like there is popcorn popping in my abdomen, occasionally in the evenings." She just replied: "Yeah, it's too early." Pff. Alrighty then. I hadn't even brought up feeling anything to anyone but Mike in fear of being shot down and being told it's just gas. Well when the midwife came in, she asked if I've been feeling any movement. So I responded the way I did with the nurse. Sure enough, when we listened to the heartbeat, we kept hearing "POP!" The baby was kicking the doppler! Haha
So my midwife said I am definitely feeling the baby. She said that most women don't feel it until later, because they have trouble differentiating between gas, stomach growling and baby movement. But some are more in tune with their bodies and can feel these things earlier. It was nice to know I am not just making it up, but am actually feeling the baby move. 
I should be having my big ultrasound right after Mike graduates from CDL class! She said that I could have it at about 18 weeks, but no way unless Mike can be there. So we will do it closer to 21 weeks. :) I am terribly impatient, but it's so important to me that Mike and I can do all this together! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

14 Weeks!

How far along? 14 weeks today! 
Total weight gain/measurements: When I weighed in the day I got my positive test, I was 153. I went down to 140 and am now at 143. So unless you count the weight I gained back, I haven't gained any so far. I can't seem to get up higher than 143 even after eating a meal! Hopefully once this morning sickness subsides, I can start eating larger amounts more regularly.
Maternity clothes: I have a few maternity tops I have really taken a liking to! They are so stretchy and long and comfortable. I haven't been able to wear a lot of my t-shirts, because my belly sticks out the bottom! Other than that I don't need anything quite yet, since my shorts are very stretchy and a big big to begin with and all I wear at home are shorts and yoga pants. :)
Stretch marks? Not yet! When I first found out I was pregnant, I got the Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream, but the smell ended up being too strong for my nose to handle. I ordered Bio Oil off of Amazon and have been putting it on after every shower! It is not as strong smelling and I think will end up doing a better job in the end. I haven't been putting it on more than once a day though, since the oil does take a little while to sink in and I am never in the mood to do it more often than that. 
Sleep: Lately I have been having a very hard time sleeping. I am exhausted, but I can't get comfortable or seem to sleep more than three hours straight without feeling restless. I think this is partially because I have had to give up sleeping on my stomach and I am having some trouble with shortness of breath. I picked up some benadryl, so hopefully that will help clear up my breathing issues, the stuffy nose and help me sleep a little better!
Best moment this week: Noticing my belly begin to "pop"! :D
Miss anything? Coffee. I know I could still drink it here and there, but I my stomach will not tolerate it, at least at the moment. It's not even really the taste as much as the whole "zen" of drinking that morning cup of coffee. I've had tea a few times, but it's not quite the same.
Movement: I could have sworn I've felt little squirmies, but only when laying on my back right after or before a meal. But then again, I am only 13 weeks, so there is still much more to come!
Food cravings: I don't really crave one thing in particular, but when I do crave anything, it's almost always salty. Sweet things leave such a weird aftertaste and I find myself not enjoying sweets as much anymore. Also for some reason I am really craving a glass of red Hawaiian Punch right now!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Smells. If there is anything I would LOVE to give up right now, it would be my sense of smell. Anything from barbecue to that mysterious earthy smell our bathroom has, it makes me gag. I start to cough, then gag, then in some cases throw up. Totally uncool. I also don't do too well around the gas stove unless I have the vent on. Especially when cooking hamburger meat! 
Gender: Unknown 
Labour signs: Nope!
Symptoms: My nausea has improved and I haven't been vomiting as frequently. Yaay! I hope it keeps getting better from here on out! I also feel tired a lot of the time. It helps if I take a nap during the day. I've also noticed my allergies have REALLY been acting up. My nose gets clogged and yesterday in particular, I spent the whole day blowing my nose. My breathing has also been acting up - I experience shortness of breath often, especially in the mornings. No acne at the moment, but that tends to change from one day to the next so I am going to go knock on wood now! ;D
Belly button in or out? In
Happy or moody most of the time: It really varies. The smallest things can set me off in any direction! I try to keep optimistic and positive most of the time for the sake of Mike and myself. :D teehehe
Looking forward to: My next midwife appointment, which is TOMORROW! Yaaay! The month long wait will finally come to an end! :D 

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Beauty Favorites

Quite frankly, I do not go shopping for things besides people and animal food, cleaning supplies and cat litter often enough at the moment to even attempt to make this a monthly thing. So, I figured I'd throw all the products I've enjoyed over the summer and throw them in one big post. :) Hope you enjoy!

Garnier Skin Renew Products
Lately, I have truly fallen in love with Garnier's Skin Renew products. Especially since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have been breaking out terribly and having to give my skin a little extra attention. I had gotten both these products a while back but didn't realize what a difference they were making until now. I have the Dark Spot Overnight Peel and the Anti Eye-Puff Roller. I don't necessarily apply the peel right before bed, but I only put it on when I will not be applying any makeup for the rest of the day. The scent of both products, just like all the other Garnier products are very light and fruity. When I use the roller, I can actually feel it working. It feels warmer and a bit tingly under my's a very soothing feeling. I've noticed it also really helps wake them up in the mornings after washing my face.
 I have had times when I look at myself in the mirror and I am not kidding, I look like Frankenstein. Because of breakouts I have red spots all over my face and my under eyes look grey from poor sleep. I put on the peel and apply the gel from the roller all around my eyes. The next time I look in the mirror, my face looks completely refreshed and awake. I love it! 

In addition, I got two other Skin Renew products that are more along the lines of makeup; the Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller and the Skin Renew BB Cream in light/medium shade. I have to say that I am very pleased with both products - they are very light feeling on the skin and look more natural than any other makeup I've used. And I feel like I am doing something good for my skin at the same time. I find that when using all these products, my skin tone looks a lot more even and healthy. The price is a little higher on these, but they last such a long time and in the end I think they were a good investment.

Pantene Pro V Beautiful Lengths and Intensive Restoration
For several years, the only shampoo and conditioner I ever bought and used was by Herbal Essences. I liked the scent, it was affordable - it worked. However, in the last several months, my hair breakage has become beyond ridiculous. The shampoo and conditioner was literally stripping my hair down to the core. I couldn't brush through my hair one time without what seemed like half of it falling out and I knew it was time for a change. I did some reading and decided on Pantene Pro V, which I had used with success before in Germany. I am not sure why I stopped using it. I bought the Beautiful Lengths Strengthening shampoo and conditioner. I also bought a little tub of the Intensive Restoration treatment to use in combination. After just a few washes, I notice an incredible difference! I think if I actually cut off my split ends and continued using these products, they would not come back. I dyed my hair on a regular basis in Germany and while using Pantene, I never had split ends like I had while using Herbal Essences. Maybe my hair just doesn't like that particular brand. I am beyond happy with Pantene - I think I will stick with this brand for a while!

Sorry for the absolutely crappy picture - bathroom lighting isn't the greatest!

Sweet Mint eos Lip Balm
When I first discovered these, I wanted one in every single color and scent, but the one I've fallen in love with in particular is the Sweet Mint. For some reason it seems to apply smoother than all the others and it is by far the one I use the most. My lips don't crack anymore, unless I don't apply and I love how smooth they are. 

Bio Oil
After trying Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream, I really wanted to try and use an oil instead. The smell of Palmer's was too strong for me and I ended up never using it. The oil however really absorbs into your skin nicely and it has a more natural and light scent to it. I ordered it off of Amazon and I am pleased with it so far!

Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads
I had actually made a post about this product on my first blog, but since I love it so much, I figured I'd add it again! I swear by these pads. I use them every day on my face in the mornings before I apply my cream. They work wonders. They dry out my acne effectively without drying out my skin. They are a bit strong smelling and I have to close my eyes when I use them, but they are an item I will repurchase over and over again!

First Ultrasound!

I had my 2nd appointment at the midwifery on August 8th. Generally at the midwifery, they don't do any ultrasounds. However, my midwife told me at my first appointment that they have an ancient machine they nicknamed WALL-E and if I'd like to, they can take a peek at the second appointment. If I'd like?! No-brainer! So I asked when I got there if it were still an option and she said yes! After putting on a very awkward fitting gown, my midwife wanted to listen to the heartbeat with a doppler. Oh. My. God. That heartbeat was the most amazing sound I've ever heard in my life. Yeah, I bawled like a baby and I didn't care. Haha :D My midwife gave me a hug and the look on Mike's face is one I will remember forever! We were both in awe! You'd expect to hear a slow regular heartbeat, but it's much faster! THUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMP! It sounded like galloping horses. Afterwards, we got to see our little bean! 

Apparently, the head is on the left side, but if you picture it being on the right, baby looks like a little smurf. :D Hehe
After this, everything became so much more real! Beforehand I had no proof besides the positive tests that I was 100% pregnant. I mean there were all the symptoms, but who knows, maybe it could have been for a different reason. I cannot WAIT to meet this little one! And I am looking forward to finding out the gender. :) The midwife said that we will be going to get an ultrasound with a technician at around 20 weeks, full with 3D and everything. And we will get to find out the gender. I am counting the days! And we haven't even made an appointment yet! This next wait is going to be long. I won't be going back to see the doc for another month. How am I going to keep sane for that long? All in good time I guess! :)

Weeks 5-10

Since I am starting this blog late, I will give you a (somewhat) shorter version of the past five weeks! (Weeks are listed according to the week I was in during following events.)

Week 6: 
Mike and I chose to see a midwife for several reasons. One of which being that we'd like to go as naturally as possible and have more options in the end. Another was one that was thrown at me a bit last minute. After a friend had told me about the midwives here in our area and we were driving to go and make an appointment with them, we ended up at the OBGYN office just a few addresses down. I didn't think about this when I went in to make the appointment. The woman at the front desk treated me like a chart. She had to ask twice for my name and told me that it would be about 60 days until they could see me, meaning my first appointment would be at approximately 14 weeks.! She asked me which doctor I'd like to see and I said I'd actually like to see a midwife. She told me that I am in the wrong building. I had no trouble saying: "See ya!" and leaving immediately. 
When I arrived at the midwifery, I felt right at home. The entire wall was COVERED in pictures of families with their newborns. The woman at the front desk asked me once for my name, then continued to address me as such. She was so friendly and even asked how I'm feeling. She made me an appointment for three weeks from that day. Sounds more like it! 

Week 6:
Needless to say, at this point I can barely keep any food down at all. Nothing sounds good, even my favorite foods in the world! Vomiting has become part of my daily routine, although I am convinced it is something you can never get used to, no matter how many times it happens. I don't want to go into extreme detail, but I am literally afraid of throwing up. I feel like I am throwing up my soul. I always feel like I am going to see my shoes towards the end. It's freaking horrible. I will honestly say that I would prefer to fall down a flight of stairs and break my arm than even so much as feel nauseated. The only thing I find comfort in, is the fact that the morning sickness is a SYMPTOM and means that the baby is healthy and doing well! And for that, I will throw up all day. 

Week 7: 
Still struggling with extreme nausea and fatigue. I have lost 13 pounds to date because of lack of appetite and being so sick. Just one more week until my first appointment! 

Week 8:
The appointment went so well! It was really only a question and answer session though. My midwife told me that they would do a full body exam and listen to the heartbeat at my next appointment, which would be at 10 weeks. Regardless, I was so excited and happy with my decision to see a midwife! She could not have been more friendly and comforting - it was such a relief! 

Week 9: 
This week, Mike and my mother in law are tore out the carpet in our house and replaced it with laminate flooring. With all of our cats and the absolutely revolting state of the carpet (not to mention the fact that every little smell makes me puke my guts out), it was time. I could not be more grateful for all of their help - I went to help out on a few days but was rather limited in my physical state. The nausea is still really bad and my appetite is limited to bananas and, for some reason, tortilla chips. I can barely eat meat at all. And at this point, I'd GLADLY give up my sense of smell! 

Week 10:
Moved back in at home and now get to enjoy BEAUTIFUL new floors! I am so incredibly excited! And getting rid of the nasty carpet helped the smells SO much. So very grateful right now! Still sick and tired. Beginning to get sick and tired of being sick and tired quite honestly!

Here is a collage of my belly from weeks 5 to 10! We started at week 5 and will go all the way through till the end.