Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weeks 5-10

Since I am starting this blog late, I will give you a (somewhat) shorter version of the past five weeks! (Weeks are listed according to the week I was in during following events.)

Week 6: 
Mike and I chose to see a midwife for several reasons. One of which being that we'd like to go as naturally as possible and have more options in the end. Another was one that was thrown at me a bit last minute. After a friend had told me about the midwives here in our area and we were driving to go and make an appointment with them, we ended up at the OBGYN office just a few addresses down. I didn't think about this when I went in to make the appointment. The woman at the front desk treated me like a chart. She had to ask twice for my name and told me that it would be about 60 days until they could see me, meaning my first appointment would be at approximately 14 weeks. Um...no?! She asked me which doctor I'd like to see and I said I'd actually like to see a midwife. She told me that I am in the wrong building. I had no trouble saying: "See ya!" and leaving immediately. 
When I arrived at the midwifery, I felt right at home. The entire wall was COVERED in pictures of families with their newborns. The woman at the front desk asked me once for my name, then continued to address me as such. She was so friendly and even asked how I'm feeling. She made me an appointment for three weeks from that day. Sounds more like it! 

Week 6:
Needless to say, at this point I can barely keep any food down at all. Nothing sounds good, even my favorite foods in the world! Vomiting has become part of my daily routine, although I am convinced it is something you can never get used to, no matter how many times it happens. I don't want to go into extreme detail, but I am literally afraid of throwing up. I feel like I am throwing up my soul. I always feel like I am going to see my shoes towards the end. It's freaking horrible. I will honestly say that I would prefer to fall down a flight of stairs and break my arm than even so much as feel nauseated. The only thing I find comfort in, is the fact that the morning sickness is a SYMPTOM and means that the baby is healthy and doing well! And for that, I will throw up all day. 

Week 7: 
Still struggling with extreme nausea and fatigue. I have lost 13 pounds to date because of lack of appetite and being so sick. Just one more week until my first appointment! 

Week 8:
The appointment went so well! It was really only a question and answer session though. My midwife told me that they would do a full body exam and listen to the heartbeat at my next appointment, which would be at 10 weeks. Regardless, I was so excited and happy with my decision to see a midwife! She could not have been more friendly and comforting - it was such a relief! 

Week 9: 
This week, Mike and my mother in law are tore out the carpet in our house and replaced it with laminate flooring. With all of our cats and the absolutely revolting state of the carpet (not to mention the fact that every little smell makes me puke my guts out), it was time. I could not be more grateful for all of their help - I went to help out on a few days but was rather limited in my physical state. The nausea is still really bad and my appetite is limited to bananas and, for some reason, tortilla chips. I can barely eat meat at all. And at this point, I'd GLADLY give up my sense of smell! 

Week 10:
Moved back in at home and now get to enjoy BEAUTIFUL new floors! I am so incredibly excited! And getting rid of the nasty carpet helped the smells SO much. So very grateful right now! Still sick and tired. Beginning to get sick and tired of being sick and tired quite honestly!

Here is a collage of my belly from weeks 5 to 10! We started at week 5 and will go all the way through till the end.

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