Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Little Popcorn Ball!

I had my third appointment with the midwives today! At first the nurse came in to take my blood pressure. She read off the chart and mumbled: "And it's too early to feel movement..." so I said: "Well, I've been feeling like there is popcorn popping in my abdomen, occasionally in the evenings." She just replied: "Yeah, it's too early." Pff. Alrighty then. I hadn't even brought up feeling anything to anyone but Mike in fear of being shot down and being told it's just gas. Well when the midwife came in, she asked if I've been feeling any movement. So I responded the way I did with the nurse. Sure enough, when we listened to the heartbeat, we kept hearing "POP!" The baby was kicking the doppler! Haha
So my midwife said I am definitely feeling the baby. She said that most women don't feel it until later, because they have trouble differentiating between gas, stomach growling and baby movement. But some are more in tune with their bodies and can feel these things earlier. It was nice to know I am not just making it up, but am actually feeling the baby move. 
I should be having my big ultrasound right after Mike graduates from CDL class! She said that I could have it at about 18 weeks, but no way unless Mike can be there. So we will do it closer to 21 weeks. :) I am terribly impatient, but it's so important to me that Mike and I can do all this together! 

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