Thursday, October 27, 2016

Samantha's 7 Month Update

Height/Weight: At her appointment today, Samantha was 17lbs 9oz (63%), 27.5 long (86%) with a head circumference of 43.94cm (76%). So she's grown 2 inches in 2 months! 

Daily: Samantha wakes up between 8 and 9AM. Same as the last few updates, I nurse her in bed once she's awake, then dress and change her. Once we've gotten Vincent up, I take her into the living room for tummy time while Mike gets Vincent's breakfast started. Samantha spends the majority of her awake time on the big quilt in the living room rolling around and playing with toys! She's trying SO hard to crawl on her knees! Right now, she will roll around the room or kind of inch herself forward by leaning side to side and stretching, to get to where she'd like to go. She loves playing with her toys (especially the noisy ones!!), watching Vincent play and playing with Mommy and Daddy! Some days, when Mike wants to play video games, he will take her with him and put her on the bed next to him and she plays until she falls asleep! :D The sit me up seat, the bouncy seat and the swing have sort of become neglected. She prefers to be on the floor or in the horse bouncer, which we dug out of the garage for her to use! She has so much fun bouncing around in it and playing with the toys attached to the front! She sits on the floor a lot as well and needs no assistance! I often set her in front of the Zany Zoo and let her open and close the little doors and spin the letters, which she really enjoys!  

Sleep: Oh sleep. It has not been great lately. She has been going through another pretty gnarly sleep regression! Last week, she was waking every half hour crying, not even wanting to eat!! :/ It has been getting better though. She is taking a decent nap at around noon, usually around two hours long! She very rarely takes a second nap, but if she does, it's only about half an hour. If it's longer, I make sure she's awake before 6PM, so it doesn't mess with bedtime. I was putting her down at around 8, at the same time Vincent goes to bed, but she ended up just treating it like a nap and waking up between 15 minutes to an hour later, then would stay up half the night. So I started getting her ready for bed and feeding her around that time, but leaving the light on and letting her play for a little while afterward, until she was very obviously tired. That's been working a lot better!

Eating: Still breastfeeding and going strong! She eats every 2-3 hours during the day and every 2-4 hours at night. I honestly don't remember the last time she went more than four hours at night! Haha! I haven't pumped once since we moved to New Mexico and don't plan to any time soon, since we haven't needed to give any bottles. We did start solids last month, but she's acting like she might be cutting a tooth, so it's been very difficult to get her to eat lately. So we've taken a little bit of a break! We've been doing a mix of baby led weaning (giving her large pieces of vegetables, fruit or shredded cheese) and spoon feeding with homemade or store bought puree. She does LOADS better with being spoon fed than Vincent did! He flat out refused to let me spoon feed him, whereas Samantha actually opens her mouth, wanting what's on the spoon!

Feeding herself squash! She always makes faces at first, but so far, she's liked everything we've given her!

Eating some cucumber

Sizes: Samantha is in 9 month clothing now! I do still squeeze her into some 6 month clothing, but for the most part, she's grown out of it. Especially since we started cloth diapering this past month! (I'll be making a separate post on this soon!) The diapers make her butt super chunky and it's hard to get pants on her sometimes! xD We're still occasionally using disposable diapers at night, which are a size 4. The only issue we're having with 9 month clothing is the length of her footie pajamas, especially the fleece ones! Her legs are short, so her feet don't reach the footies. And when they are in them, you can fold the feet over, because her feet are tiny! :D

Milestones and Changes:
  • First solids; Avocado! She made a few faces at first, but ended up loving it!

  • First time in the horse bouncer! Comfy enough to nap in, apparently! xD

  • First time in cloth! 

  • First time meeting family members: Great Grandma and Papa, Great Aunt Loretta and Uncle Mike, Cousins Tiffany, Ben and Addison and Aunt Pam and Cousin Charlie! We had a great time visiting everyone this past month!

  • Samantha learned to clap!! It is the SWEETEST thing - I can't even stand it!! <3

  • First time "army crawling"
  • First time at a wedding

  • First time meeting Auntie Lia and Auntie Hanna! 

  • First sip of wine! TOTALLY kidding - but this picture was too cute not to share :D 

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