Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 17 - My Favorite Blogs

Since I have SO many blogs I follow, I will only include the three I've been following for a few years, since the time I became interested in blogging myself. All four of these ladies have inspired me so much in several aspects and on top of that have really helped me develop a love and passion for blogging. I have them to thank for it!

Murderotic's Blog:
I've been following Angelica's blog the longest. I came across her on Tumblr before I even made my own blog and continue to love how real this girl is. She is her own person and doesn't let society and the "norm" dictate the way she lives her life. She is very positive, open and humorous and I always enjoy reading her blog. Being a not so ordinary young adult myself, it's inspiring to see someone like her, living the way that makes her the most happy and doesn't let anyone's negative opinions change her. 

I Heart Organizing:
Jen is my hero. She really is - this woman can turn any space into organized beauty and it is my dream to one day have a house as beautifully decorated and organized as hers. She and her incredibly talented group of guest bloggers have great tips, tutorials and DIY projects that they share on a daily basis - this blog always has brand new content! I Heart Organizing also includes awesome giveaways that are fun to partake in.

Anna Saccone:
I've always loved Anna's blog, but even more so through my pregnancy. I first stumbled across it by watching her weekly pregnancy vlogs on YouTube and have been following it ever since! She is the one who inspired me to do my bump updates every week.

Little Baby Garvin:
Jessica is the woman who has inspired so many women to do weekly pregnancy chalkboard photos, including myself. So I give a lot of credit to her for my chalkboard pictures - without her, I honestly never would have thought of doing something so cool! I love her creativity and sense of style - I always enjoy reading her posts!

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  1. [ Smiles ] You have nice taste when it comes to blogs!


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