Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 21 - What Makes Me Sad

Since I started this blog later in the month, this particular challenge fell on Thanksgiving and I did not want to do it on that day. Which is why I am posting this later. 

I could make a post like I did with what makes me happy, but I've been trying my hardest to not concentrate on the bad or negative lately, which is why I will make this post short. 

What truly makes me sad is how screwed up this world is. I want to say the world has become a very hateful place, but unfortunately, it really always has been. Rarely ever do you see people take the time out of their busy days to be kind to others and rarely ever do you see people perform completely selfless acts of kindness. 

I feel that instead of people living each day like it is their last, appreciating all they have, life is just one big competition. It's all about who is the most wealthy, who has the nicest things, who is the most beautiful, who the most handsome and I could go on with this list forever. Those who do not meet the "standard" or fall below it are made to feel like absolute dirt, particularly by the media. For this reason, the depression rate, particularly in our country, is through the roof and this is no surprise to me what so ever.

I almost find this fitting to mention today, with it being black Friday. When it comes to the decisions other people make, I do my best not to judge. I want to live my life the way I see fit and others should and will do the same. I am generally not a person to sit here and go off on certain groups of people and how they choose to do things - I wouldn't want anyone criticizing my way of living either. But I can't help but be overwhelmed and saddened by the fact that right after people have given thanks for what they have, they run right out the door to go and fight, shove and call people names, just to shop for a bunch of crap they don't need. It completely defeats the purpose of Thanksgiving and I refuse to ever participate in it. 

I don't understand why people can't just enjoy the little things in life and cherish time with family and friends. Life is so short and the things that people choose to focus on primarily are so irrelevant in the long run. I admit to concentrating on these things far too often; "Do my clothes look nice enough? Am I pretty enough? Am I skinny enough? Will I be accepted for who I am?" The fact that it's almost become instinct to have this mindset, is what makes me truly sad and the fact that it just seems to be getting worse through the years.

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  1. For just saying these words I just fell in love with you... There are really some nosy & stupid people judging us..showing us the standards but in reality they are to far below it!!!


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