Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 4 - My Dream Job

As you might have read in my 20 Facts About Me post two days ago, nearly all of my hobbies are art-related. Art is my passion. A little less than two years ago, I was introduced to painting on canvas shoes by a non-profit I worked with for a little over a year. It was then that I realized I had found my calling. When I was 16, I was already doodling all over my converse with sharpies. I never would have thought then that I could actually do it professionally and sell my shoes! 

Through the non-profit, I was painting shoes for children with cancer and other long-term illnesses and disabilities, which is why you see cancer ribbons on many of the shoes I've painted. A few family members of these children had contacted me, asking for their own pair of custom painted shoes. So towards the beginning of this year, after much encouragement from close friends and family members, I decided to start my own business called "Elle-Belle's Kustom Kicks". (Which is why you see a little bell on a lot of the shoes above.) I specialize in painting shoes for children, as you can probably tell, but I've painted a few adult pairs as well. It is still a work in progress and I am still trying to build clientele, but it's slowly coming along!

I love painting with all my heart. Pouring my heart and soul into a pair of shoes, making them specific to my clients' favorite things, truly makes me happy! I love seeing the happy faces of kiddos who have received shoes with their favorite characters and colors! I also love the fact that painting shoes will allow me to be a stay at home mom, since I paint from home. So my dream job? This is it!

I do have a facebook page, so if you wouldn't mind taking a minute to check it out and give it a like, I'd greatly appreciate it!


  1. That's a pretty cool calling! You are very good at it too, the shoes look great. I liked on fb!

    1. I saw that you did just now! Thanks so much for your support! :D I really appreciate it

  2. So beautiful! You are a genius. Loved your designs.


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