Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 8 - 5 Current Goals


Now, these are just more than New Year's resolutions to me. I understand that every one of these are long-term goals and may take years to finally accomplish. But I want to try my best to achieve every one of these goals eventually!

Goal 1
My first goal is to turn "Elle-Belle's Kustom Kicks" into an actual business. Right now, it's still just a work in progress, so I don't have a business license yet. I really want it to turn into something more! I am currently working on business cards and other types of advertisement to further promote my business. I also finally created an Etsy shop and am working on getting content put up there, so that I can make some sales!  

Goal 2
I'd really like to become more healthy and active. It's not that I am unhappy with my weight, but I could definitely work on my fitness. I used to dance, rock climb, run and play both baseball and soccer. I miss the endurance, strength and flexibility that I had! I also want to start eating right. I know how - I know exactly what I need to be doing to achieve this goal. It's a matter of getting off my lazy butt and actually doing it. I am tired of making excuses and putting it off. Once we are in a better place financially, I'd like to get my gym membership back and start working out again. 

Goal 3
I have no idea how possible this is going to be, but I need to at least try, as this is very important to me. I want to at least attempt to raise my son bilingual. This is going to be extremely difficult, since German is not my first language and honestly, it can become exhausting to speak it exclusively. But I think it would be a good thing to help me keep my German skills and give him the opportunity to learn a second language when it's the easiest. Little kids are like sponges and the earlier they start, the better. Even if we can't raise him 100% bilingual, I want to at least try to teach him the language! 

Goal 4
While on the topic of languages, this is a bit of an unspoken goal I've had since I met my dad's wife. I want to learn how to speak Swedish. It is such a fascinating language and I remember sitting next to my dad's wife, listening to her speak to her mother on the phone in Swedish and wishing I mastered the language. If my Dad has managed to learn quite a bit at his age, then I'm certain with the right amount of discipline, I can too! 

Goal 5
Two Christmases ago, Mike got me an electric violin, because I had expressed for the longest time that I desperately wanted to start playing again. I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I was to receive such an amazing gift! I told myself that I'd just re-teach myself everything, since I have been pretty good at teaching myself piano and guitar, but it's very difficult with the violin. So I'd like to get a new bow (the one that came with the violin fell apart for some strange reason) and take up lessons when I am able and I don't have my hands completely full with Vince. I know it might be a while until I get around to doing this, but it's definitely a set goal!

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  1. Just so you know… I used to play violin in junior high school for 2 years. I can teach you to read music and whatever else I remember, which isn't necessarily much, but enough to get you started. I've actually been meaning to start practicing as well. I also have to get a new bow and block of resin; however, it is not really entirely necessary for what I can show you.


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