Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 11 - 10 Favorite Foods

I'm going to start this one off by saying - yes, I am aware that probably half the things on this list are everything but healthy, but hey. I'm just keeping it real. No judgement! xD 

1. Pizza
Yeah, I know I'm boring! But pizza, man....I love so many different kinds too! I really miss real, Italian pizzas, straight out of a stone oven. We had a couple of great Italian owned pizzerias in Germany, where you could even watch the pizzas baking from where you sat. But I also really like a good Chicago deep dish pizza. During my pregnancy, I've been LOVING Tombstone pepperoni pizzas! You'd think I'd get sick of them after a while, but I never do.

2. Käsespätzle
As you probably guessed, this is a southern German dish. Käse is cheese and Spätzle is a type of soft egg noodle. Cheese is melted or baked onto the noodles (usually Emmental cheese) and gravy, roasted onions and/or chives are often added on top. There are several different ways to make it. It is SO amazing. I've heard some people compare it to Mac and Cheese - I disagree. I guess the concept is similar, but Käsespätzle tastes 100000x more amazing! 
3. Loaded Baked Potato Soup
I think the first time I had it was at IHOP actually and I've been obsessed with it ever since! I've pinned so many recipes for it on Pinterest, but I haven't actually gotten around to making it yet. xD It's been a huge craving this pregnancy.

4. Mozzarella and Tomatoes
Plain, with balsamic dressing, on a name it. I love the combination. I miss those big soft blocks of mozzarella I used to be able to get at the store in Germany - for some reason I haven't been able to find it anywhere here in the US. Using that particular kind either diced with cherry tomatoes or sliced with slices of large tomato is my favorite!

I just love cheese. Even the smelly french kind. (Although not at the moment) Usually if a dish calls for it, I add 2x more than the recipe calls for, or I probably should. xD I'll just eat straight off of a block of cheese too. I feel the need to have cheese with and on nearly everything I eat!   

6. Green Bean Casserole (with lots of french fried onions)
I used to HATE green beans when I was little. Once my mom finally convinced me to try some of her green bean casserole, I've insisted on it being part of thanksgiving dinner. And now I like green beans plain too! :)

7. Chocolate
Need I say more? It's an addiction I'm not proud of!

8. Bananas
No matter how sick and lousy I feel, I can almost always eat a banana. They taste good and have been an absolute lifesaver during my pregnancy!  

9. Popcorn
Buttered, please. 

10. Chicken
I really like any dish that includes chicken. It doesn't really matter to me how it's prepared or what it's mixed with! 

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