Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 22 - My Worst Habits

1. Being a perfectionist
I constantly feel the need to do everything perfectly, which is something you should not ever expect from yourself or anyone or anything else. Things just aren't perfect and neither are people. It's not in our nature. But I, more often than not, feel the need to have everything be just right and it causes me a lot of unneeded stress. I tend to obsess about little things like having objects be in a certain order, have the dishwasher be loaded a certain way...things that are really not worth making a fuss over. I know I sometimes drive Mike insane with it and I am trying my absolute best to work on it!

2. Being negative
I've never been a terribly optimistic person. Although it has gotten a LOT better throughout the years, it is something I continue to struggle with. When I was little, my dad had to create a rule that before I say anything negative about my day, I have to name at least one thing that was good. This earned me the nickname Eeyore. When I was diagnosed with agoraphobia, I started a project for a year and stuck with it. Every day, I'd take a picture and write a few sentences about the best part of my day. EVERY single day, no matter if it was seeing a great movie or just eating a yummy meal. It has helped me correct this habit. 

3. Putting things of till the last minute
This was especially bad while I was in school (although it got much better in college). I would do homework assignments and projects the night before they were do until all hours of the night and I would always be stuck cramming for tests. By organizing my time and making schedules for myself the past few years, it has gotten so much better. But that temptation is ALWAYS there. I find myself having to mentally smack myself on the hand often and tell myself to just get it done as soon as it is put on the to-do list! Because when you have obligations as an adult like paying your bills and going grocery shopping, you can't afford to put things off! 
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  1. So inspiring.
    Don't worry when you are a mom everything becomes magically all right like in the disney cartoons!!


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