Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 24 - What Attracts Me (In Love)

I'd be lying if I said that all I focus on is what's on the inside. I'm only human! There are certain appearances that I'm just not attracted to. But I will tell you one thing: no matter how attractive a person is to me on the outside; if they have an ugly personality, they become ugly to me on the outside as well. 
This is going to sound pretty cheesy, but Mike's qualities are the perfect example of attracts me. So I will use him as an example.

When I first saw Mike, he was sitting behind me in my very first college class. He just stood out to me. He was wearing an old studded leather jacket (which he had painted on), cargo pants and chucks. He wore his cap backwards and his bright red hair peaked out from underneath. He also had a very long goatee and tattoos on his hands. He looked like a total punk rocker. Yes, I know. I am the girl who falls for the guitar playing bad boy, who rides a motorcycle. (Except in this case, instead of a motorcycle, it's a tuner.) I immediately saw a red warning flag though, because every time I'd fallen for someone meeting this description in the past, it always ended badly. Every single time. But there was just something different about him. We all stood up to introduce ourselves in front of the class. I was so surprised by his voice when he spoke; he was totally soft spoken. When he smiled, he not only smiled with his teeth, but he smiled with his eyes as well. Another thing that caught my attention, was that every time he raised his hand or said anything in class, it was witty, funny and well thought through. 

When we first started chatting back and fourth, I was impressed by his intelligence. I loved the fact that we were able to have nice, long conversations without them turning into awkward small talk. I found that he really took an interest in the well being of other people. He was incredibly courteous, without coming off as fake or insincere. 
He makes me laugh like nobody else can. We have very similar tastes, but with enough of a difference to keep things interestingThe same goes for our personalities. It's really important to me that our interests point in the same direction though. Mike and I are both passionate about music and art. I love that we can listen to music together and I can get good, constructive advice and criticism from him when it comes to my work. This way too, I truly appreciate his music and he can truly appreciate my art. We are able to connect on a level that I have not ever been able to with any other person. 
One other thing that I appreciate every day, is what a good listener Mike is. He will remember things I've brought up randomly ages ago and repeat them to me, or use what I said to surprise me with something, which blows my mind every time. Because in most cases, I had forgotten I told him in the first place!
And lastly: he really knows me. A lot of the time, he just gets things without me having to repeat or explain myself over and over again. He is a truly thoughtful and caring person.

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