Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 30 - My Hopes for My Blog

With this blog, I mainly hope to provide insight through my own personal journey and experience to future mothers. I can't tell you how often I find myself watching videos and reading the blogs of women who have been through it all before! They have helped me learn, get a better idea of what to expect and help me get a better idea of the type of mother I want to be. These women have inspired me I want to be able to do the same for others. For this reason, I hope to reach out to more women and gain more followers. I know this will take time, but it is definitely possible and I will continue blogging away until it does. :) I also hope to continue meeting amazing fellow mommy bloggers! 

Besides my main goal, I hope to continue providing family and friends, who are far away, with updates and photos, since we aren't able to see each other often. I am so glad that the Internet has made that possible in this day and age! 

I also hope that this blog continues to help me personally. I don't just blog for the public - I do it for myself too! There is something about sitting here and sharing my thoughts and experiences with my readers, that makes me feel like we are all going through it together. I also love being able to look back on everything and see how far I've come! It encourages me and helps me to just keep trucking along, even when the road is bumpy.

To my readers and followers, I'm excited to include you all in my journey! :) I appreciate each and every one of you and all of your support. Thank you!
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