Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 26 - Your Hidden Talent

Oh man. This one is hard! There are "talents" I have that aren't obvious when you first meet me, but I've pretty openly discussed them on here, such as painting shoes or speaking a second language (if you can even consider that a talent..?). And frankly, I feel weird talking about something I'm good at without feeling like I'm bragging or showing off. So please bear with me in this post xD

I guess there is one, although it's fairly general. I am a fast learner. Particularly when it comes to art/music related things, since I enjoy them and will put forth more effort in the learning process. I can't read notes, but I can pick up many instruments and teach myself a song or part of a song on them in a sitting, since I play by ear. I remember going to a friend's house who played accordion, and teaching myself how to play the song she performed in front of our class that afternoon. 
I learned how to ski by taking the lift all the way up to the top and THEN announcing to my fifth grade teacher that I didn't know how. I made it down the mountain eventually and went right back up for try #2, which went a lot smoother and faster.
I was able to catch onto sewing and knitting fairly quickly and it didn't take me long to get the hang of painting shoes. 

The funny thing is that this generally only applies to things I'm interested in. If I take an interest in something, I will bust my butt to learn how to do it well, no matter how long I have to try. My dad always said it would be great to apply this "talent" to subjects in school like Latin, History and Math, all of which I barely passed, if at all. Go figure - they were my least favorite subjects! ;D So maybe it would be more fair to say that if it's something I'm INTERESTED in, I'm a fast learner. Haha!
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