Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 27 - What's In Your Closet

Oh you really want to know? Haha! It may look a little chaotic, but there actually is a system. We just have very limited space at the moment, and I have not invested in storage containers or labels yet. I'm hoping once we have a strict budget set up based on Mike's income, that I can slowly start buying things to organize. 

On the floor of the closet are containers full of lighting equipment and a PA system, which Mike used with his old band. We don't want to put them in the storage unit, because the weather could permanently damage everything. 
Hanging, are all of our shirts, besides my tank tops. Those are rolled and sorted in a dresser drawer. As you can probably tell, all of his shirts are on the left on black hangers and mine are on white hangers on the right. Here's where my OCD kicks in: my shirts are all sorted by type and color. Mike's shirts are also sorted by type. It makes everything much easier to find that way, since the shirts are a bit crammed in and there isn't much space to browse.
On the shelf above are folded clothes that we don't wear as often, a bin of miscellaneous items and the fat tiger I got for Mike on Valentine's. :D We plan to put him in Vince's room once we have the nursery set up.

Above that (not visible) are backpacks, two suitcases and a few games. It's not a huge closet, so it's difficult to make do with such little space. We have one other closet in the nursery, which is also dedicated to storage, a few of my dresses and Mike's suits, all of Mike's guitars and once we have everything, all of Vincent's clothes. 

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