Monday, December 30, 2013

30 Week Ultrasound

Usually with the midwives here in Farmington at least, you get a single ultrasound; the anatomy and gender scan at around 20 weeks. But during that ultrasound, there were limited spine views, so we ended up getting another one on December 26th! It was like a late Christmas present.  

These were the only two good pictures we could get of him. In the others, you really aren't able to recognize anything. But little guy has got some hair! And he had his foot stuck up by his face again, just like he did last time, which was part of the reason we weren't able to get many pictures of his face. xD A few weeks ago, I could have sworn he turned head down, because I was feeling his feet up in my ribs. But last week, I started feeling low kicks again, so I thought maybe he turned breech again. I guess not - haha!

He is measuring in the 57th percentile, which is great. According to the measurements on the ultrasound, his estimated weight is 3lbs and 10oz. This would make his due date more like February 24th, but at this point in pregnancy, we are definitely still sticking with the original March 5th due date. Besides, ultrasound weight measurements can be so incredibly off. 
At my prenatal appointment today, my uterus measured 30 inches long and right on schedule with my due date, so we really aren't concerned. 

His spine and everything else looked wonderful! So this was definitely our last ultrasound. I am so glad that he is healthy and everything is looking good! I can't WAIT to meet this boy and kiss those chubby cheeks! :D  
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  1. How exciting! You're bringing me memories of my ultrasounds and oh man, they were fun. I'm so glad your little guy is looking perfect and growing well, I think he will have beautiful lips!

    1. Thank you! We are so excited to meet him! :D


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