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What's In My Hospital Bag? - Round 2!

It was SO much easier and quicker to pack my bag this time around!! After the experience with Vincent in the hospital, I got an idea of what things were necessary and which things weren't so necessary. It of course depends on your hospital as well and what they provide, so I highly recommend checking with them first. Luckily, a friend of mine delivered at the same hospital where I'll be delivering Samantha, so I was able to make a list and get everything I need into a single bag. I'll be able to gather a little more information during the tour, but with this baby being my second, I wanted to have the bag packed by 35 weeks! :)

I purchased this bag at Target several months back with the hospital stay in mind! Last time, I actually regretted packing several smaller bags, because it ended up just making more to keep track of and carry. 

For Samantha, the hospital will provide diapers, wipes, a hat and a booger sucker. So for her, I've packed her going home outfit (onesie, pants, bow, socks & shoes), two newborn sized onesies, one pair of pants, two pairs of socks, two pairs of scratch mittens, both a newborn and 0-3 month sized hat, a newborn sleeper and a pair of baby clippers (which I totally forgot to include in the photo lol!). It's not pictured, since it's not purchased yet, but I'll also be packing a SwaddlePod, which is basically knock-off Woombie. This hospital won't send us home with a receiving blanket, so I wanted to have this on hand. The minky blanket I made her was also a must, since it may be a little chilly and I'd like to cover her with it once she's strapped into her car seat. 

For myself, I packed two nursing tanks, a pair of comfy yoga pants, a pair of boxers, two pairs of socks, two pairs of mesh underwear (not sure if this hospital provides them), slipper socks, a hairbrush, straightener and a cosmetic bag. Then of course a box of thin mints, because...well I shouldn't have to explain why. ;D 

In my cosmetic bag, I've got mini shampoo, conditioner and body wash, two small hair care products, moisturizer, nursing pads, gum, hair ties and bobby pins. I've also got a small makeup bag. In it, I've got face wipes, deodorant, Q-tips, a toothbrush and toothpaste, dry shampoo, hand cream, lip balm, powder, concealer, blush, mascara, eyeliner and a couple of brushes. As I did last time, I won't actually add this to the bag until we're about to head that way. 

As far as extras go, I'll also be bringing my phone charger cable, iPod, earbuds, Samantha's binder for all of her paperwork (pictured above with the rest of her things), two copies of my birth plan, my DSLR, the Boppy pillow and a plush Tiger. The tiger will actually be for Vincent from Samantha; we figured that might be a nice gesture to Vincent when he meets her for the first time. :) I also got an idea from a couple of mommy friends to make little gifts for the nursing staff at the hospital, so I'll be bringing those as well once I have them finished! 

I'll be using some twine to tie these around peanut M&M baggies!

I'll go ahead and add a list of the things that I packed last time around and didn't end up needing:

- The birthing ball. I got to the hospital and immediately labored in the tub for a bit and was in transition pretty much straight after. I was too busy screaming to even think about the ball. Hahaha
- The baby medical kit, vaseline and diaper rash cream. The hospital provided all the vaseline we really ever needed with Vince and never really needed diaper rash cream until he started solids! The only thing in the medical kit that I'll be bringing this time around is the pair of baby clippers. I didn't use them in the hospital with Vincent, because I was TERRIFIED, so I bit them to trim them instead. This time around, I'm much more confident in my infant nail trimming skills. And those baby nails are LONG when they're born!!
- The sleeping gown. I actually never ended up liking them at all! Mike picked up a sleeper from home instead when he went back to get cleaned up and that was much more useful. So I packed a sleeper this time instead.
- Maxi pads. The hospital not only provided a better version of those, but also a squirt bottle, TUCKS pads and dermoplast.
- Regular underwear. The mesh underwear are a million times more practical and comfortable after delivery and the hospital will likely provide some on top of the pairs I packed. 
- A nursing bra. I ended up not being a huge fan of them - I preferred the nursing tanks, so I made sure to pack a second one of those instead of the bra.
- My Medela pump. The only reason I brought it last time, was because by bringing it, the hospital was able to provide me with a free new set of pump accessories. Since my pump was handed down by a friend, that was important, but unnecessary this time around.

On the flipside, here are the things I'm bringing this time that I didn't bring last time:

- The Boppy. I was told by several people that I would not need it in the hospital. Well, Mike ended up having to bring it back to the hospital with him after he went home to get cleaned up! I swear by that Boppy.
- A 0-3 month hat. Vincent ended up having such a large noggin, that the newborn hats never fit him! It's hard to say how big Samantha's head will be, but I figured it would be a good idea to pack a second larger hat just in case.
- A SwaddlePod. I ended up liking this type of swaddle a million times more than a traditional one or the velcro SwaddleMe, because it keeps baby so much more snug without being too warm or bunchy. It's also lightweight and not much bigger than a sleeper.
(These three things were all things Mike ended up having to grab when he went home!)

That's it! It's so crazy to think that almost exactly two years ago, I was starting to pack my first hospital bag! (You can check that post out here) :D I'm so incredibly excited to meet this little Miss! 

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