Tuesday, February 9, 2016

36 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2!

How far along?: 36 weeks pregnant - just one more month!
Total weight gain/measurements: 171.2lbs (+31.4 lbs), belly 45 inches around
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity, yoga pants and extra long tank tops!
Stretch marks? Still just the one I mentioned last week
Sleep: I still don't want to talk about it xD
Best moment this week: Checking more things off the to-do list! I cleaned the house top to bottom, finished making the treats for the L&D staff, decided on a theme for Vincent's 2nd birthday, made and printed his invitations and bought and made all of the decorations! I've been keeping super busy! It feels great to be on top of everything and definitely makes time go by faster. Also, we finally got an exercise ball, which I've been happily bouncing on! :D
Miss anything? Sleep
Movement: Lots of rolling around! There are also some times it feels like she is beating on my belly like a drum or running in place on the side of my belly haha! Oh and I can't believe I have yet to mention, that like her brother, this baby girl is SUPER hiccup-y! 3-5x per day is the norm. Poor baby!
Food Cravings: Pizza & cereal
Anything making you queasy or sick? I've had a couple bouts of nausea this week, but it wasn't caused by anything in particular that I can think of.
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: None
Symptoms: fatigue, lots of braxton hicks and the acid reflux has been a bit worse this week! I know I need to completely cut chocolate out of my diet for the remainder of pregnancy but...but...chocolate!! *SOB*
I've also been having issues with sharp pain smack in the middle of my back on either sides of my spine, that wraps around the top of my belly. It's a consistent pain, so it's definitely not labor or anything, but very uncomfortable! And it happens pretty randomly - I haven't noticed a pattern, so I'm not sure what is causing it. This happened during my pregnancy with Vince as well towards the end, so I'm wondering if it's pain caused by pressure or possibly gas? 
Belly button in or out? Out!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy :D
Looking forward to: My mom arriving this weekend and our baby shower! :D

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