Wednesday, January 27, 2016

34 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2!

How far along?: 34 weeks pregnant
Total weight gain/measurements: 166lbs (+26.2 lbs), belly 44.5 inches around
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity
Stretch marks? Still unsure if I've gotten any new ones.
Sleep: I think the photo says it all...hahaha
Best moment this week: Seeing baby girl!! :D

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach  
Movement: Movement all the time during the day, but she actually doesn't move a whole ton at night! It gives me a little bit of hope...maybe she won't be a night owl like her brother was? He kicked SO much at night it was ridiculous! It's so cute when Mike comes home after a night shift, it's like she knows. As soon as he comes in the bedroom to go to sleep, she starts kicking away! :D
Food Cravings: cocoa pebbles, egg rolls and pizza. SUPER healthy stuff! >.< haha
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope! :)
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: None
Symptoms: fatigue, braxton hicks, general discomfort and occasional acid reflux. The acid reflux is mostly at night when I do have it and it's almost always a result of eating something that triggers it too close to bedtime.
Belly button in or out? It's pretty much completely out all the time, unless I'm lying down.
Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty happy this week!
Looking forward to: Newborn snuggles!!! The other night, Vince didn't want me to rock him to sleep, he wanted me to just put him in his crib! That's the only time of day he will really snuggle, so I felt a bit bummed! :( He is getting so big!

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