Wednesday, January 13, 2016

32 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #2!

How far along?: 32 weeks pregnant
Total weight gain/measurements: 162.6lbs (+22.8 lbs), belly 44 inches around
Maternity clothes: Mostly maternity. Even some of my stretchy shirts are no longer working as well.
Stretch marks? If I'm not mistaken, I got a couple of new ones this week! :( Explains the itchy belly! 
Sleep: Sometimes bad, sometimes good. I almost feel like at this point, I'm in a constant state of exhaustion that never really goes away, unless I have coffee. And even then, the awake feels fake...if that even makes sense lol! I do try and rest as often as I can though.
Best moment this week: Hearing Vincent say "Thank You!" for the first time and continuing to say it! :D It is so exciting when he learns new words!
Miss anything? Not really
Movement: SO much movement. All the time. I wonder if this child ever sleeps. I don't notice her move much at night when I'm getting up to use the bathroom though - perhaps that's a good sign?! I absolutely love feeling her move about! :D
Anything making you queasy or sick? No vomiting this past week! :D I haven't experienced any nausea either.
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: None
Symptoms: fatigue, braxton hicks, general discomfort
Belly button in or out? It's pretty much completely out all the time, unless I'm lying down.
Happy or moody most of the time: Some days moody, some days really happy - it just depends.
Looking forward to: Planning Vincent's birthday party :D I think we have finally set a date. I'm going to attempt to make this party as DIY and inexpensive as possible, which should be a fun project and challenge. And the closer we get to it, the closer we get to Samantha's due date, which is super exciting as well!

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