Tuesday, August 11, 2015

First Ultrasound - Baby #2!

Today, I finally got to see baby bean at 10 weeks! It was also the first time I met my OB. She was so sweet and I felt very comfortable with her, but the ultrasound and time with her was so short and quick, I didn't get to know her like I did my midwives when I first met them. 
I actually thought this would not only be my first ultrasound, but also my first checkup. Apparently this appointment was just supposed to be a confirmation/dating ultrasound and she'd see me two weeks following for my first check up. I'm not going to lie, this really surprised me...with my midwives I was seen at 8 weeks for blood work, paperwork and a urinalysis, and also to sit and visit with my midwife. They actually caught a UTI, which I was completely unaware I had, and was prescribed antibiotics. The full body exam, pap etc., along with the ultrasound were done at 10 weeks. 
But since our insurance doesn't kick in until September 1st this time around, we have to move the checkup back a week further and I'll be 13 weeks along. I know that things are done differently everywhere, but it does put me a bit on edge, because I haven't really gotten to meet my OB and I had so many UTIs with Vince, I just want to be sure that everything is okay. I thought they'd at least do a urinalysis and blood work. I was also expecting to hear the heartbeat, which we didn't, but we did see it! 
I'm not complaining, but I was caught a little off guard! The good news is that there will be another ultrasound, which I'm excited about! I will definitely make another post after my checkup with the second ultrasound photos. :)

So, to the ultrasound! Baby is measuring right along with my last missed period, so my due date is still March 8th! And oh my goodness, this baby is a wiggle worm!! I cried a little bit - I was so, so happy to see our healthy little bean! 

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