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As you may have read in the description, Mike and I don't yet have any actual children, but many four-legged ones. I figured I'd dedicate a post to them, considering the fact that we've got quite a zoo at home and our critters are a very big part in our lives. :) I will start with the oldest. 

Chloe (Momma Cat)
Mike found Chloe when he was about 20. She was a homeless turkish angora, following him around after a gig. After asking around, trying to figure out where she could have come from, he decided to take her home. She was bathed and taken to the vet - turns out she was pregnant with 5 kittens. Mike took care of her and eventually helped her birth the kitties, all of which were happy and healthy. Chloe is the most active cat we have, even at about 13 years old. She is very independent, but loves to snuggle.  

Marshmallow (Squishy)
Marshmallow is Chloe's first born. Mike said before the kittens were born, was that he was certain there would be one fully white blue eyed cat, and he wanted to keep her. When she was born, he picked her up and said: "You look like a marshmallow!" Hence the name. We find it to be very fitting. Mike's sister calls her the "sour patch kitty", and it could not be more true; she will be snuggly and sweet one minute and literally tear your hair out the next. And for some reason, she just doesn't know how to meow. She just squeaks. "EEEEEEEHHH!" is the sound that lets us know she wants in our room. She knows I am pregnant - ever since I got that positive test, she has become my shadow. She follows me everywhere and will snuggle up next to me with her paw on my hand, arm or belly. :)

Tombstone (Tombie, Greyfield)
Mike and I adopted Tombstone from Mike's sister Danielle last year. He and I really bonded and he has been a momma's boy ever since. He is also a 15 pound maine coon. He may look like a beast, but he is one of the biggest babies you'll ever meet. His three favorite things are Friskies, sleeping and belly rubs. He is a very vocal cat and I can usually tell by his tone whether he needs more food, wants attention or is attempting to tell me something is not right. He is the only animal allowed in our room, because he doesn't shed much and he never gets into anything. He just climbs up on the bed and sleeps. You can tell if he likes you, because when he does, you can get close to his face and he will give you kisses on the forehead. :3

Killer Jane (Beans)
Mike adopted Killer about 6 years ago from a family who didn't want her when she was just a puppy. Until I met Killer Jane, I had a very strong dislike for Chihuahuas. When I first walked into Mike's house, I was completely overwhelmed by all the barking dogs. But Killer came right up to me and put her paws up on my knee and wagged her tail. I bent down and pet her and we were instant buddies!! She is a very independent dog, but has sooo much love to give! The reason Mike named her Killer, is because she will not play with a toy, she will kill it. She will sit there and gnaw on it until she creates a hole, then tear out all of the stuffing! 

Yoda (Bogie)
Mike adopted Yoda as a puppy too - they bonded right away when Mike first saw him and he picked him out from his brothers and sisters. The name came pretty naturally with his floppy Yoda ears. :D He is such a sweet boy - he will get up on his hind legs and sort of scratch the air with his front paws when he gets excited. It's funny too - normally, you'd think Chihuahuas have a really yippy bark, but Yoda doesn't at all. He has this manly dog bark..and that coming from such a little animal is pretty funny! 

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