Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vincent's Nautical Bedroom Tour

This summer, we finally got around to re-decorating Vincent's room! It was so fun to pick everything out, most of which we got on sale at Hobby Lobby. I painted the four little canvases above Vincent's bed and I eventually plan to use the fabric we got to make some curtains and a blanket. I LOVE the theme so much and it will go perfectly with the toddler bed we plan on getting Vincent once he outgrows his crib; a ship bed! We plan on getting it for him once the baby is ready to move into the crib...I just hope that Vince will be ready for the toddler bed by then! *crosses fingers*
Next to the crib, we have a couple of totes with Mike's things. It's the only place in the house we can store them, so I used the opportunity to put Vincent's noise machine, a homemade frame from his auntie and some hand sanitizer up on top, out of his reach.

His room does have a closet, but the arrangement is very odd. Our dryer hook-up is in it (don't ask me why), so we aren't able to store much in it, other than his hoodies, jackets and dress shirts, which are hanging up.
The rest of his clothing is in this plastic dresser, which is working great for the time being! We've kept the futon and my brother's old mattress in his room as well, for when my mom comes to visit.

We are still getting great use out of the changing table! In the cubbies on the top shelf, we have creams, personal care items, diapers, wipes, diaper pail inserts and pacifiers. The bottom shelf is stocked with extra wipes, diapers and the tote that contains all of his mega blocks. 

We keep all of his books, pajamas, sheets, shoes and socks in this cube storage shelf. I like for him to be able to access his books! Not to forget Twilight Turtle! :)

The rocking chair has been so wonderful to have. It's been great for nursing, bottles, bedtime stories and those awful nights when rocking is the only thing that would bring comfort. It was more than worth the purchase! However, once the new baby comes, we will be moving it back into our room and putting the rocking foot stool in it's place, in case Vince has a bad night and needs to be rocked. The wall hanging is part of a collection from a little German cartoon character named "Vincelot"! He is a knight and that is his flag. My dad and stepmother brought it over from Germany for Vincent's birthday and it's so adorable!

And that's it! Although he doesn't spend a whole lot of time in here during the day, I'm so glad that he has his own space to play in! It's 100% baby proofed (after I put the lotions and diapers up on top of the changing table lol) and the only thing I have to worry about is him pulling everything off the shelves. And closing the door on me! :D 

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