Sunday, February 23, 2014


Several weeks ago, I had mentioned making a drive down to Midland, Texas with Mike, which I was going to write about earlier, but wasn't able to find time for until now. 
Making the trip down was a very last-minute decision and I normally wouldn't have made it at 34 weeks pregnant, with it being a 12 hour drive. (At least when you have to stop at every rest stop to pee haha!) But under the circumstances, I am very glad that we did. Mike drove the whole way there and back and we took our time, enjoying each other's company. Even though it wasn't our intention, we considered it our "babymoon", thinking of it as our last trip together before little man gets here. 

A few days prior to making the trip down, it became clear to us that Mike's job was definitely not working out. At all. He was beyond miserable, was constantly being put in dangerous situations and the work environment was hostile. He came home from work that day and I knew by the look on his face that things needed to change immediately.
So we went down to check out the area and look for jobs. We stayed with his sister and her husband; they moved down there for work themselves about a year ago. We loved it! Things are booming down there and it would be a great place to raise a family. Mike would also be making enough to where I would still be able to be a stay at home mom.

So to make a long story short, we are moving at the end of March! At least that's the plan timing-wise. Unfortunately, things are a bit up in the air. We just don't know how things will be for both the baby and myself postpartum, so we are keeping an open mind. Mike was originally going to head down to Midland alone at the beginning of February to work, drive up for the birth, stay a few days and drive back down until having to come up again for the move, but because it's such a long drive, we did not want to risk him missing the birth of our son. There's also a very good chance that his work would not let him leave. So we decided that he would leave a few days after Vincent is born, to start work down in Midland. Meanwhile, my mom and I will finish getting the house packed up and the rest of our affairs in order here. Mike will be staying with his sister and looking for an apartment while he is down there as well. 

It's not the most ideal timing in the world, but hey. We have to do what's best for our family and after long discussions and weighing of pros and cons, this is definitely it. I am beyond thankful that our families have been so supportive and will help us get situated to the best of their abilities. I am so glad we have such amazing people in our lives! 

That's basically it! Right now, it's pretty much just getting light packing done and waiting for this boy to arrive! Until then, there is not a whole lot more we can do. We will be in a new town with a new baby and a new job - it's very scary, but it's also very exciting! And as anxious as I am about everything and uncertain about how everything is going to work out, I am very excited to be starting this new chapter. I will update more as things progress and we have a bit better idea of how everything will go! :)

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  1. I think that’s amazing! Congratulations on the big decision, I know it isn’t easy. When I was 36 weeks pregnant my husband made the decision to leave his job for a job with a former employer, and I was very nervous about how it would all unfold. But my mother-in-law said “the baby brings the bread,” meaning that the baby is bringing good luck. The job has been great and we haven’t looked back, I think the timing is a good thing and your little boy is already making great things happen for both of you and he’s not even here yet! WOO HOO!


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