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Vincent's 15 Month Update

Height/Weight: At his last appointment at 15 months, he was 22lbs 13oz (26%), 32 inches long (77%) and had a head circumference of 49.5cm (97%)

Daily: The daily routines have changed quite a bit! Since Mike started his new job, he is only home from 8-9 PM to 4:30 AM, so we don't see him a lot. For this reason, I alternated Vincent's nap and bedtime schedule, to where he could spend a little bit of time with his daddy every night before bed.
Vincent is pretty much down to one nap now. Every time I've tried to put him down for a second nap in the past week to two weeks, I don't think he has gone to sleep at all. He just talks to his lovies and keeps turning his sounds back on. During the day, Vincent spends quite a bit of time playing with his toys in the living room. Since he stopped crawling and only walks to get from A to B, I put away the foam mat, because he kept pulling pieces out and tripping in the holes. I also moved the baby gate in such a way, that he has full access the living room now - the gate runs from behind the couch to the end of the entertainment center. He is a lot happier with more room to play! I'm just not completely ready to give him access to the whole house yet - particularly because of the cat litter! Yucky. While he plays, I often play Sesame Street classics or Fraggle Rock in the background, but he still only really pays attention when music comes on, dances and returns to playing. But before he turns 18 months old, I'd like to have him pretty much completely weaned off the TV. I'd prefer him to listen to music or kids audio books instead, so he won't become so dependent on visual stimulation from a screen. 

He LOVES playing outside! We don't go out a whole lot, because frankly, it's just too hot. But he will pick up a rock in each hand and go exploring around the block with me! He loves picking up little pieces of grass, pebbles and other randomness to hand to me. 

Sleep: Vincent is now waking up between 8:30 and 9 AM. His nap usually ranges from noon until 2 or 3 PM. As I mentioned above, he is not really taking a second nap anymore, so I haven't put him down for one in a couple of days and so far, he has done pretty well without it! His bedtime is 9 PM now, sometimes a little earlier, depending on what time Mike gets home. He has done pretty well transitioning into this new schedule and I am so glad! Mike hadn't seen Vince in over a week when we finally decided to change his schedule - it was really affecting them both to not be able to see each other. He sleeps through the night just about every night which makes momma super happy! :D As speaking of, he has been back in his own room since the end of May. Our bedtime routine is a little different now, since he is no longer drinking formula. I change his diaper and put him in his jammies, then read to him, letting him take some swigs of soy milk through a straw when he reaches for it. After the book, I rock him and sing him a song or two, before putting him down. Last night, I put him to bed with no Zippy for the first time and he did SO well! He has been squeezing one, if not BOTH of his arms out of his Zippy for quite some time, and recently started taking the entire thing off all together! So I figured it was time. Now I just put a blanket over him and tuck him in, give him his lovies, turn on his music and that's it! I tell him goodnight and he goes to sleep on his own. 

Eating: At about 13 months, we finished the last container of formula. It took a little longer to wean him, because he got really sick with a tummy bug right after his first birthday. It took him a while to get over it and eat properly again. Trying to get him to drink whole milk never worked! He does not like it at all. But he loves soy, almond and coconut milk! So I've been giving him that and sippy cups with 1/4 juice (usually apple or orange) 3/4 water or just water throughout the day. He is just like is momma - he goes to town on a bottle of water! I'm glad he keeps so hydrated. He has become quite a bottomless pit, too! The only "baby food" he still eats are those Gerber Graduate meals, which make it easy on me to give him dinner. Since Mike gets home so late and I don't make dinner until then, I always give Vincent something different at around 7 PM. I feed him breakfast right after he gets up, around 9. He has a banana and a packet of instant oatmeal almost every morning. For lunch, I give him a ham and cheese sandwich and some fruit - usually grapes. I've been feeding him a late lunch after his second nap and it seems to work well! He gets snacks throughout the day: usually plain goldfish crackers or plain cheerios. We've done away with yogurt melts and puffs completely, since he has been fine eating non-baby food snacks. He still loves his fruits and veggies! I can't eat a banana around him without him screaming "NANA!" at me! Haha!

First time at Wendy's!

Sizes: Vincent is in 18 and 24 month tops and 12 and 18 month bottoms for the most part. A lot of 12 month onesies and shirts still fit him, but it really depends on the brand! I recently sorted through all of his clothes and put away everything that doesn't fit anymore. As far as shoes, size 4 is still a little big on him, but they fit okay with socks, especially if the shoes lace up. 

Milestones and Changes:
  • Vincent had an AWESOME 1st birthday party! 

  • Poor dude had his first tummy bug the week after his birthday. The whole house caught it and though it only lasted a couple of days for us, it lasted a whole week for him! 

  • As speaking of sickness, he also had his first eye AND ear infection at the same time, in both eyes and ears! Poor little man was so miserable. Luckily through the process, we found a new awesome pediatrician and he started feeling better within a day of starting medication!

  • He has picked up some new skills, such as waving bye-bye, stacking the rings on his ring stacker correctly, stacking wooden blocks on top of one another and putting shapes into his shape sorting box by himself. When he has done something successfully, he will look at me, smile and clap! It's adorable how proud he gets!

  • He is understanding a whole lot now. He knows the meaning of yes and no and the names of several objects and people. For instance, I ask him "Vincent, where is Snoopy?" and he will bring Snoopy to me! He also gives stuffed animals snuggles when I say "Give him/her snuggles!". 

  • He has become very good at expressing joy and displeasure in things. For instance, when he is mad, tired, teething or wants attention, he very loudly yells "Nein!!" "NeinneinneinNEIN!". Of course his first German word would be "No." xD When he is happy or likes something, he dances, giggles and plays peek-a-boo! 

Playing Peek-A-Boo
  • Vincent got to meet some horses for the first time! As with just about every animal, he giggled and giggled at them!

  • Vincent finally met his Granddad and Granny for the first time!!

  • He also met his great, great grandfather for the first time! Getting to have all 5 generations together was a real treat!

  • He was also the ring bearer in our wedding! These past couple of months have been packed full of new milestones and experiences.

  • Tantrums. OH THE TANTRUMS. If he knows he is in trouble and I say "Vincent Paul, no sir!!" or don't give him something he wants, he really loses it. Stage 1: he makes what I like to call his "butthurt face". Stage 2: starts grunting loudly and swatting at whatever is in front of him. Stage 3: starts making hulk fists and screaming in little bursts. Stage 4: begins to cry and headbutt everything, including the floor. Yeah. Not fun. I try to remain calm, gentle and consistent, yet firm, so that he really understands I mean business. 
The famous "butthurt" face...
  • Vincent got his first full haircut on June 21st! I loved his curly little baby locks, but it was getting in his face and it was time for a summer cut. 

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