Friday, May 13, 2016

Samantha's 2 Month Update!

Height/Weight: Her 2 month appointment had to be pushed back to June because YAY American health insurance problems, so I don't have super accurate measurements. But according to my home scale and measuring tape, she is 11lbs 6oz (66%), 22.5 inches long (57%) with a head circumference of 33.75cm (52%)!

Daily: The morning depends on who wakes up first. If it's Samantha, I feed her in the rocking chair in our room, then bring her out into the living room and put her in her swing, so I can make coffee. If it's Vincent, I will either leave her to sleep in her napper if she is still asleep or bring her out to the swing if she is stirring, then feed her while Vince is eating breakfast. After breakfast, we do tummy time until she isn't having it anymore, then I roll her over onto her back so she can look at her toys and interact with (in other words watch) Vincent play. She has definitely started to fall into more of a routine, partially because of her noisy brother! xD It's not often that I get a chance to actively rock her to sleep in our room, because Vincent is in need of attention at the same time. Most often she will fall asleep nursing, so I can then attempt to transfer her to her napper. She has begun to follow a wake, eat, play, eat, sleep routine on her own, so I really haven't attempted to push a set schedule yet, which I likely won't for a little while. Right now it's working best to just go with the flow. :) On Wednesday mornings, I take both Vincent and Samantha to Musikgarten and she will either sleep through it in her car seat or watch the other kids. We still aren't venturing out a whole ton, because it's honestly very challenging to manage them both at the same time by myself! She sometimes naps while Vincent is after lunch, but it really just depends. She will usually catch another nap in the late afternoon/early evening before dinner. Anywhere between 6 and 9 PM is her witching period. She cries SO hard and is extremely gassy and often inconsolable. It's heartbreaking, but generally doesn't last terribly long, thank goodness. It has become very challenging to do Vincent's bedtime routine with him when she is so upset, so I'm thankful that Mike has been able to take over the first half of the bedtime routine, then hold and calm Samantha while I finish up. Once Mike and Vince are in bed, Samantha and I hang out in the living room to watch Netflix and snuggle/nurse until she falls asleep. This time can be either super stressful or super relaxing - there doesn't seem to be much in between! But this is the only time of day that I can really get my baby snuggles, which I greatly enjoy!! :)

Sleep: She has been pretty congested for the past 1.5 weeks, so her sleep was not good until I got a cool mist humidifier and put it in our bedroom. It has helped A LOT. I must say though; she sleeps a crap ton better than her brother did at this age!! She will go anywhere from 2-6 hours between feedings, with 4 as the average. She seems to sleep the longest stretch first, then sleep shorter stretches afterward. And generally, once her diaper has been changed and she has nursed, she will fall right back to sleep. She has good nights and bad nights, but she does let me sleep at least a little bit, so I won't complain! :D Naps are a bit random and depend on what's going on that day and also how Vincent is doing that day. When he is super calm, she will nap a good bit and when he is having a tantrum type of day, it's hard for her to nap and hard for me to get a chance to actively get her to sleep. But I really try to keep her awake and occupied for good chunks of time during the day (without letting her get overtired), which is why I think she sleeps better at night than Vincent did. I think his days and nights were so mixed up, because it was a lot quieter and he spend most of his day snuggled up to me and crashed out haha! She still sleeps well pretty much anywhere, whether it's the napper, swing, bouncy seat, car seat if we're out and about or in my arms. When she is having a bad night and Mike has already left for work, I'll stick her on his side of the bed about two feet away from my pillow, so the blankets aren't anywhere near her and it helps her to have me close and my hand on her belly. <3

Eating: For the most part, she will eat every two hours during the daytime and sometimes go 3, usually if she is sleeping. Starting about 5 or 6 PM, she will want to eat once every 1-1.5 hours and clusterfeed until she goes to sleep for the night, but she will then sleep a good stretch for the first part of the night. That makes the clusterfeeding so much easier to manage! :) As I've already mentioned, she will go anywhere from 2-6 hours between feedings at night with 4 as the norm. Nursing has become so much easier and more comfortable for both of us. Samantha's latch is loads better. She still makes the clicking sound and I have to burp her every few minutes during a feeding, but it's not nearly as bad as it was!! She also still spits up; I seriously can't tell you how many burp rags we go through!! But she rarely ever projectile vomits anymore. Her weight gain is great and she is getting all chubby and rosy :D <3

Sizes: Samantha is now in 3 month clothing - man was I heartbroken when I realized she had outgrown newborn! :( But at the same time happy that she is growing and thriving! :D As soon as we finished all the newborn sized diapers we bought, we switched her to size 1, which fits a lot better now! Her socks are fitting her much better now, too! I still haven't bothered with shoes though! xD Here she is in one of Vincent's old onesies, perfect for Star Wars Day:

Milestones and Changes:
  • First coo!

  • First Snapchat xDDDD

  • Samantha had her first long stretch between feedings this week! She ate at 6:40PM and didn't wake up to eat 4:30AM! She may have gone longer, but I accidentally woke her up when I got up to pump a little bit to relieve my engorgement. I was so shocked! I'm hoping it wasn't a fluke :D

  • First bath in the sink - she loved it!! And so did my back! xD Much easier than leaning over the tub and she seems to prefer being held as opposed to sitting in the bath seat.

  • First Mother's Day <3 I tried SO hard to get a selfie with both of the kiddos, but it was not happening. So I took one of them together instead! :)

  • First Star Wars Day! Vincent wanted sissy to sit in his chair with him <3

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