Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dove Dry Spray VoxBox Review

Time for another Influenster VoxBox Review! This time around, I received the new Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. This is actually my second Dove review, as I received the Advanced Care Deodorant stick around this time last year. (You can read about it here:

This product is almost exactly the same as the deodorant stick was, just in a different format. It is really smooth and moisturizing and didn't leave any stains on my clothing! My complaint, however, is the particular fragrance I received. It's not an unpleasant scent at all! But it's VERY strong and overpowering, just like the stick was. It could be that I am associating the scent with nausea, since I tried the last product when I was pregnant and wasn't able to use it. I believe the scent is called "Nourished Beauty" - it is on both the stick and the spray deodorant.

One good thing about the scent, is that it lasts a LONG time! I put that deodorant on and it was still strong the next morning. I will honestly say that I've never experienced that with any other deodorant before. Although this particular scent is not for me, the deodorant itself is fantastic quality and I'm very impressed by it! And since there are six different fragrances, I'm sure I can find one I like.

I'm pretty impressed by Dove products in general; I love their moisturizer and I actually use their "Go Fresh" deodorant. I highly recommend their products to anyone!

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