Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Home, Sweet Home!

Well, we've finally moved! And I am posting this ridiculously late, since today is the one month anniversary in our new place. But man, it has been quite a busy month! First off, here it is:

We found the perfect place. It's a duplex and we live in the right half. It has beautiful new tile throughout the whole house; the floor, the fireplace, the counters and the bathroom walls. It is SO much easier to not have to deal with carpet when you've got so many animals! We've got washer and dryer hook-ups (although one is in the second bedroom's closet? o.O), a nice, big, fenced-in yard and a large living/dining area. Since rent is super pricey here, due to the oilfield boom, my brother is living with us and we're splitting rent. This will help us all save some money. Besides, Vince is still so little, we planned to continue co-sleeping anyway. 

Unpacking is DEFINITELY still a work in progress, but it's coming along! So please excuse all the boxes and various crap in some of the photos! xD I really look forward to it all being done, because I can't stand the clutter. We decided to get rid of our old entertainment center before we moved, since it was falling apart and a lot larger than what we needed. So once we replace it and I can unpack the boxes containing what was in our old one, I will pretty much be finished unpacking.  

Overall, our new place is larger, but the kitchen and bathroom are both teeny tiny. I didn't think the bathroom in our old place could have been any smaller...boy was I wrong! Haha! But it works and the toilet, shower and sink are really nice.

In the kitchen, we lost a lot of floor and counter space. It's not really a big deal though, since I'm generally the only one cooking, which literally eliminates the "too many cooks in the kitchen" issue. (Insert sexist kitchen joke here :P) The only issue is the lost storage space, so things are a bit crammed. Thank goodness we don't have a whole lot of kitchen utensils and dishes and we generally only keep about a week's worth of food in the house at a time.

Despite the small kitchen and bathroom, the new place is larger in all the right places. The living room is large and extends into a dining area, which we didn't have in our old place. We've also got a cute little breakfast bar, which opens up the kitchen and lets in natural light, which I really love! 

Also, our new bedroom is SO much larger than our old one, which allowed us to fit all of our and Vincent's furniture in the same room without being super crowded. Once my brother moves out later on down the road, his room will become Vincent's and we will be able to dig the desk out of storage and put it in our bedroom where his crib and changing table are.

Well, that just about covers it! As far as our new town goes; I like it, but I don't get out very often. I admit I am still afraid of the traffic...people here seriously don't know how to drive. Haha! I love being out and about with my sister in law every so often though. It's nice to spend time together and keeps me from becoming too stir crazy!

The three months prior to our move went by so quickly, being a new mommy, yet they dragged on because of being apart from Mike. We really are so happy here and so excited to finally begin this new chapter together as a family in a new town!

I will try to make a habit of posting more often, now that things have settled down a bit. ;)
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